#SBCC Day 3: Artichoke & Spinach Gratin

On day 3 of the Spring Break Cookbook Challenge, I decided to attack a recipe from one of my favorite chefs, Hugh Acheson. Artichoke & Spinach Gratin, from A New Turn in the South I received this book for my 30th birthday this year, from our "foodiest" friends in Atlanta. It was with them that… Continue reading #SBCC Day 3: Artichoke & Spinach Gratin


Successful Dishes from the Past Week

And the attempt to live a Paleo lifestyle continues! Despite the occasional cheat meal (once a week or so), I'd say that we have been doing really well. Even our cheat meals tend to be something that we make that simply isn't following the Paleo guidelines, instead of going out and breaking our budget as… Continue reading Successful Dishes from the Past Week


Quick and Fresh Meals on the Go

With the temperatures drastically coming down this week, one would think that I would have started making chilis, roasts, soups, and everything in between. But somehow, even though I have really enjoyed warm sweaters, cozy blankets and autumn-scented candles, I have been eating the freshest lunches I've had in the longest while. There's not a… Continue reading Quick and Fresh Meals on the Go


Breakfast Smoothie

Alright, I can't lie about it. I've been fairly lazy about cooking fun dinners recently. It's been pretty hot outside and I rarely feel like cooking exciting stuff. So, really, the most exciting meal in my day is often breakfast. For the last week or so, I've been perfecting the best possible smoothie to start… Continue reading Breakfast Smoothie