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Retro Cooking: 1965 Creamed Ham

When I sat down to look for my first Retro recipe of the year, I originally thought I should look for some retro fad diet food, as January is known to be the month most people diet as we returned from holiday indulgence. Instead, I quickly found myself absorbed by the 1965 Better Homes &… Continue reading Retro Cooking: 1965 Creamed Ham

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A Simple Nostalgic Bolognese

I grew up with the high standards of my mom's spaghetti sauce. Every year (as long as I can remember), she spends a full day making enormous batches of spaghetti sauce that will last us all year. I associate so many childhood memories to my mom's pasta. It was so simple, yet completely comforting. It… Continue reading A Simple Nostalgic Bolognese


Everything Au Gratin

Au Gratin sounds fancy, doesn't it? For a while, I was intimidated to make anything au gratin. That was until I realized I could make my own simple version of it with pretty much anything I could find in our fridge and pantry. For anyone who isn't familiar with the term, here is the definition (or… Continue reading Everything Au Gratin


Busy Schedule and Pasta Sauce Hybrids

This morning, I went peach picking with my husband, a good friend of ours and her son (aka, my little boyfriend ;)). We had so much fun and I was more than happy to sample the goodies. So much that I left the orchard with a tummy ache...but the good kind! I came home with… Continue reading Busy Schedule and Pasta Sauce Hybrids