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Keeping My Momentum Going

As I mentioned in my latest posts, with my husband's new traveling job, I made one new rule for myself: cook something new every week. Although Jeff ended up being home last week (yay!), I still wanted to follow my plan. I found recipes that we would both liked and headed to the grocery store.… Continue reading Keeping My Momentum Going

Foodie Adventures

Farewell 2013! A review of this past year…

In the past few weeks, I've seen many people on my Facebook feed posting comments about 2013 being terrible and hoping 2014 would be better. I couldn't agree less. 2013 has been one of the most gratifying years of my life. I have never been happier. Let's just hope this trend will continue in 2014.… Continue reading Farewell 2013! A review of this past year…


Meat Grinding Goodness

As I walked into The Fresh Market, I went directly to the meat section. I was on a mission. A mission to grind beef. As I asked the nice man for the best choice of beef, he told me to try rump roast for a leaner meat. As he pointed out that the already-ground rump… Continue reading Meat Grinding Goodness


A Hot-Dog’s Odd Cousin

What happens when you're craving a hot-dog but are really trying to eat healthy? That's when one comes up with the hot-dog's odd cousin's idea. Awww yeah. Regular hot-dog meat is bad (well, I think it's delicious but it certainly isn't good for you), I know. Well, luck me, we had some fresh mild Italian… Continue reading A Hot-Dog’s Odd Cousin