Pseudo-Panang Chicken Curry

The day Jeff made his first attempt at panang curry, he confirmed (once more) that I married the right guy. I wouldn't call this an authentic Thai curry, but it is certainly inspired by the many delicious curry dishes we have enjoyed over the years. Jeff tweaked this recipe so many times, and I would… Continue reading Pseudo-Panang Chicken Curry

Challenges, Meal Prep

WIAW: “Work Day” Edition

Here's my second try at What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW). If you haven't heard about it already, WIAW is a cool opportunity to share a typical (or not so typical) day of eating. Not only does it give us a chance to see what other people like to eat, it’s also good motivation to eat… Continue reading WIAW: “Work Day” Edition

Foodie Adventures

Celebrating the Small Victories…or How We Avoided Eating Out

Since we've met, my husband and I have always loved eating out. Charlottesville is such a foodie town that there's always a new restaurant to try out or a personal favorite to revisit. The problem is that this is not a cheap habit. Over the past year, we've been making a point to stop eating… Continue reading Celebrating the Small Victories…or How We Avoided Eating Out


Successful Dishes from the Past Week

And the attempt to live a Paleo lifestyle continues! Despite the occasional cheat meal (once a week or so), I'd say that we have been doing really well. Even our cheat meals tend to be something that we make that simply isn't following the Paleo guidelines, instead of going out and breaking our budget as… Continue reading Successful Dishes from the Past Week