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The Home-Cooked Meals Victory!

This week was our first week back together. Jeff was staying home (woot!) and I decided to plan a whole week of dinners, which had not happened in quite a while. So here's what I had planned...and I am proud to say I stuck to it all! Monday: Caesar Salad Alright, technically, this one didn't… Continue reading The Home-Cooked Meals Victory!


HMMW: Cooking While “Surviving” Atlanta’s Version of a Winter Storm

This week has been a tad crazy. Our school has had 3 snow days this week. How much snow did we experience, you might ask. Well, outside my apartment, the answer is none. I understand why we had to close, like many other businesses in town. Last year, no one closed and that's what caused… Continue reading HMMW: Cooking While “Surviving” Atlanta’s Version of a Winter Storm

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Keeping My Momentum Going

As I mentioned in my latest posts, with my husband's new traveling job, I made one new rule for myself: cook something new every week. Although Jeff ended up being home last week (yay!), I still wanted to follow my plan. I found recipes that we would both liked and headed to the grocery store.… Continue reading Keeping My Momentum Going

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Yorkshire Pudding & Popovers are the Same

A few weeks ago, before the worst part of my sickness (feeling much better now!), I decided to make a fairly ambitious meal. At least considered ambitious since I started to work again. I had a bottom-round roast in the freezer for far too long so I went through my cookbooks (yes, I researched the… Continue reading Yorkshire Pudding & Popovers are the Same