Foodie Adventures

Baking Day And The Accidental Explosion

This spring, I fell in love with the Great British Baking Show: Masterclass on Netflix. After watching several seasons of the competition show, I was finally led to believe that I could accomplish some of the beautiful and mouth-watering baked goods I saw on the show. As one who tends to cut corners and mess… Continue reading Baking Day And The Accidental Explosion

Meal Prep

Homemade Meals of the Week

I would like to make a weekly commitment to share the meals I make. Since my husband started traveling, it has been very tempting to eat out and to be lazy about cooking. I love cooking but after a long day at work, especially when Jeff isn't in town, I just want to get cozy, eat… Continue reading Homemade Meals of the Week


I Won’t Waste the Juicer Pulp!

As I mentioned a few days ago, we bought a juicer last week. The idea of buying tons of fruits and vegetables to juice was exciting but also terrifying. Not because I'm scared of vegetables, but because of all the dry pulp that comes out of the juicer. I didn't want to buy produce and… Continue reading I Won’t Waste the Juicer Pulp!

Foodie Adventures

A Healthy Re-Organization

Today was the first day of my last college semester! I wanted to make sure we would start the week in an organized and prepared manner so a big part of the weekend was dedicated to re-organizing our food and preparing some food for the week. I started it all on Saturday, with a grocery… Continue reading A Healthy Re-Organization