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Hungry Quebbie Goes Home

Recently, my husband and I went back to Quebec to visit my family and friends. We spent two weeks there, and unlike other times I went, I made almost no plans. I just wanted to enjoy my time there, see my loved ones and take the trip day by day. As this is how I… Continue reading Hungry Quebbie Goes Home

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The International Side of Atlanta

One of the wonderful things about moving to a bigger city is the access to so many cultures from around the world. While browsing the web for places to check out in Atlanta, I came across pictures of the Buford Highway Farmer's Market (BHFM). Don't be fooled. This isn't your typical farmer's market. This is… Continue reading The International Side of Atlanta

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A Much Needed Update

I've definitely been on a long hiatus for the past few weeks. A mixture of too much to do and too much laziness. So although I don't have a specific recipe to share, here are the highlights of the past couple of weeks. At the beginning of May, Jeff and I wanted to go camping.… Continue reading A Much Needed Update


I Won’t Waste the Juicer Pulp!

As I mentioned a few days ago, we bought a juicer last week. The idea of buying tons of fruits and vegetables to juice was exciting but also terrifying. Not because I'm scared of vegetables, but because of all the dry pulp that comes out of the juicer. I didn't want to buy produce and… Continue reading I Won’t Waste the Juicer Pulp!