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My Back-on-Track Meal Planning

August was a particularly big month for us this year. On August 1, I started working again after the summer break and Jeff started traveling again, after a full month at home. Both of us decided to take this opportunity to start new healthy habits. The healthy habits I'm trying to stick to include: Run… Continue reading My Back-on-Track Meal Planning

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Mom’s Visit Through Meals

As the school year ended, I was able to celebrate with a very special visitor: my mom! A year after her last visit, she came back for more. This time, we didn't do as much tourist stuff, partly because we had already done a ton last year but also because it was ridiculously hot outside… Continue reading Mom’s Visit Through Meals


Foodie Pen Pal Reveal: September Edition!

My oh my, was this a good month to be a foodie pen pal! First of all, the format changed (although I don't know if it is only for this month or if it will keep going) as we were matched with a single person this month. It was so special to receive from and… Continue reading Foodie Pen Pal Reveal: September Edition!

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SNAP Challenge Day 3: That’s a Lot of Macaroni

I feel soiled. After my migraine and headache issues, I decided to buy coffee at the Dollar Store last night. Yes, the Dollar Store. I knew it wouldn't be great but I figured it would be worth it. Well, I didn't think coffee could taste that bad. Really. Poop flavored coffee. Yuck. But worst of… Continue reading SNAP Challenge Day 3: That’s a Lot of Macaroni