Hi, my name is Johanne (everyone calls me Jo) and I am French Canadian. I was born and raised in Quebec and moved to the United States in 2006. I lived in Charlottesville VA, Atlanta GA and now in Brooklyn NY with my wonderful husband and our large cuddly cat. During the day, I am a passionate preschool teacher, while at night (and on weekends), I put on my apron and attempt new recipes in the kitchen.

I’ve always loved to eat but, in the past decade, I developed a new passion for cooking. When I put on my apron, I enter a whole different world where I am completely fearless. The kitchen is my happy place. There’s nothing quite as therapeutic as chopping vegetables, baking a cake, or choosing the right herbs for a dish. I love trying out different ingredients and techniques and learning, through lots of successes and at least as many failures, how to make new and interesting meals. I am still a beginner but I am eager to learn more and happy to share my progress on this blog.

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