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WIAW: “Work Day” Edition

Here’s my second try at What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW). If you haven’t heard about it already, WIAW is a cool opportunity to share a typical (or not so typical) day of eating. Not only does it give us a chance to see what other people like to eat, it’s also good motivation to eat well, since you have to share everything you ate throughout the day you choose to describe.

Now that I am back working at the preschool, I have to make sure I eat enough to go through the day without thinking about eating one of my toddlers. I am a teacher after all, not an ogre. So today, I decided to share what I typically eat on a work day.


Granola cereal with added blueberries and pecans. And although I am not skipping coffee altogether, I am going down from two cups to one in the morning. Because I do need my fair dose of Trager Brothers caffeine as I prepare to spend my day with a group of energetic toddlers! 🙂 Bonus point with this specific brand of granola: a box top to bring to work!



I usually bring a dinner leftover for lunch or I make a batch of something specific that I plan to eat every day for lunch that week. In this case, I had the soup/sauce mixture over spaghetti. I brought a fresh peach for dessert. And of course, water. My all-day drink of choice. I also like to use my thermos-type container since I don’t always have access to the microwave.



Once in a while, my husband offers to make dinner. I am wise enough to agree when the occasion is presented. I am extremely lucky to have a very good cook for a husband. He is the house-master of sauces and flavoring. He makes the best popcorn seasoning and a mean curry. His curry dinner became our go-to meal when we are craving Asian saucy take-out but remember that we know better than to spend money on it. We always have chicken in the freezer and rice near the rice cooker. A delicious meal is just under an hour away (mostly due to the time to let the rice cook)…not much longer than waiting for delivery. My husband’s latest concoction was a delicious coconut curry with chicken, spinach, basil and spring onions. Served with a side of rice, I was in heaven.


So THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what I ate on typical work day.

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