Foodie Adventures

Goodbye Virginia!

I can't believe my last post was in April. Craziness! Time just flew by in the last few months. I have been packing, socializing with the friends I know I will miss dearly, and eating at all my favorite local spots. We finally made in to Atlanta this past Sunday but before I start exploring… Continue reading Goodbye Virginia!

Meal Prep

Let the Countdown Begin…

Has it seriously been over a month since my last post? Geez Louise! So much catching up to do. I need to start by explaining our new life situation as it is the cause of my absence lately but also the inspiration for many posts to come. In February, I mentioned my husband's new job,… Continue reading Let the Countdown Begin…

Foodie Adventures

A Nostalgic Weekend (& Citizenship Update)

What an exciting past few days! It all started on Friday, when Zac, our beloved Australian friend, came back to Charlottesville, after two years of being back home! Zac was our neighbor in 2011 and some of my best memories are from that time. We called ourselves the Druid Gang (based on the name of… Continue reading A Nostalgic Weekend (& Citizenship Update)

Foodie Adventures

Celebrating the Small Victories…or How We Avoided Eating Out

Since we've met, my husband and I have always loved eating out. Charlottesville is such a foodie town that there's always a new restaurant to try out or a personal favorite to revisit. The problem is that this is not a cheap habit. Over the past year, we've been making a point to stop eating… Continue reading Celebrating the Small Victories…or How We Avoided Eating Out