Pseudo-Panang Chicken Curry

The day Jeff made his first attempt at panang curry, he confirmed (once more) that I married the right guy. I wouldn't call this an authentic Thai curry, but it is certainly inspired by the many delicious curry dishes we have enjoyed over the years. Jeff tweaked this recipe so many times, and I would… Continue reading Pseudo-Panang Chicken Curry

Meal Prep

The Home-Cooked Meals Victory!

This week was our first week back together. Jeff was staying home (woot!) and I decided to plan a whole week of dinners, which had not happened in quite a while. So here's what I had planned...and I am proud to say I stuck to it all! Monday: Caesar Salad Alright, technically, this one didn't… Continue reading The Home-Cooked Meals Victory!


Teriyaki Turkey, or the Friday Night Delight

I spend a big chunk of Friday morning whining (by myself) that we didn't have anything to make for dinner and looking for a good-enough excuse to eat out. Never mind the fact that we had a freezer full of turkey breast and random beef cuts. I just wasn't excited about making dinner the way… Continue reading Teriyaki Turkey, or the Friday Night Delight


Saturday Upsides: Overstocking

I have a confession to make: I love buying food. I love going to the local produce market, the small Asian market and, yes, the big supermarket as well. Some weeks, I'm tired and all I want is to get out as soon as I can. But usually, the grocery store becomes my happy bubble.… Continue reading Saturday Upsides: Overstocking