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The Home-Cooked Meals Victory!

This week was our first week back together. Jeff was staying home (woot!) and I decided to plan a whole week of dinners, which had not happened in quite a while. So here's what I had planned...and I am proud to say I stuck to it all! Monday: Caesar Salad Alright, technically, this one didn't… Continue reading The Home-Cooked Meals Victory!

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Keeping My Momentum Going

As I mentioned in my latest posts, with my husband's new traveling job, I made one new rule for myself: cook something new every week. Although Jeff ended up being home last week (yay!), I still wanted to follow my plan. I found recipes that we would both liked and headed to the grocery store.… Continue reading Keeping My Momentum Going


Chicken Potstickers (And Subsequent Bellyache)

Since my parents left, I tried not to make too many recipes. The main goal was to use up leftovers so we could avoid wasting anything we had in the fridge, before going back to the store. It was a lot of meals where I picked a protein in the freezer (whatever meat was available)… Continue reading Chicken Potstickers (And Subsequent Bellyache)