Everything Au Gratin

Au Gratin sounds fancy, doesn't it? For a while, I was intimidated to make anything au gratin. That was until I realized I could make my own simple version of it with pretty much anything I could find in our fridge and pantry. For anyone who isn't familiar with the term, here is the definition (or… Continue reading Everything Au Gratin

Challenges, Recipes

#SBCC Day 4: Canard à la Québécoise

The duck was the most intimidating dish of the Spring Break Cookbook Challenge. The one I almost took off the list by fear of messing it up. When I told my husband I was hesitant about making the duck, he responded "Isn't the whole point to challenge yourself and try to make dishes you aren't familiar with?".… Continue reading #SBCC Day 4: Canard à la Québécoise

Foodie Adventures

Yorkshire Pudding & Popovers are the Same

A few weeks ago, before the worst part of my sickness (feeling much better now!), I decided to make a fairly ambitious meal. At least considered ambitious since I started to work again. I had a bottom-round roast in the freezer for far too long so I went through my cookbooks (yes, I researched the… Continue reading Yorkshire Pudding & Popovers are the Same


Easy Meals for the Lazy Study Lady

School started last week. I really wish this meant I was getting back to my classroom of little munchkins, meeting new faces and talking about how fun school is. Unfortunately, back-to-school meant back to online/independent classes for college. When I get in the right tempo, schoolwork actually isn't that bad. A lot of reading and… Continue reading Easy Meals for the Lazy Study Lady