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Yorkshire Pudding & Popovers are the Same

A few weeks ago, before the worst part of my sickness (feeling much better now!), I decided to make a fairly ambitious meal. At least considered ambitious since I started to work again. I had a bottom-round roast in the freezer for far too long so I went through my cookbooks (yes, I researched the old-school way) and, once again, my dear Jamie Oliver came to the rescue. His book Jamie’s Food Revolution had a complete dinner plan, simply described: roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. Yum-O. Although I didn’t know it was the same thing, I had always wanted to make popovers. My good friend Google quickly taught me that Yorkshire pudding is simple the British equivalent of popovers. The more you know…

Before it went in the oven…beef on a bed of onions, celery, carrots and fresh thyme.
Slightly too raw for me (so much blood!) but perfect according to the hubs.
Slightly too raw for me (so much blood!) but perfect according to the hubs.

I made the whole shebang and it turned out to be a really good meal. The beef was a little undercooked for my taste but my husband loved it. I wasn’t patient enough to make the perfect gravy but the flavor was still good. And then…the best part of my meal…I knew there was a reason I was fascinated by popovers, even though I had never tried them before. They were delicious. So very delicious. I cannot wait to make them again. They were light and the gravy, although thin, was the perfect flavor combination.

The best thing I have baked in a while. Oh goodness…

The next day, I still had a ton of leftover roast beef, gravy and two popovers. I placed the Yorkshire pudding in a baking dish and baked them for 10 minutes at 350F. Then, I pan fried the asparagus with butter and garlic. In the same pan, I reheated the sliced beef with some of the gravy. The gravy that went in the pan thickened to a perfect gravy consistency (it was almost as liquid as beef broth when I first threw it in) so I figured I must have done something good there. The result of this leftover meal actually turned out better than the original in my opinion.

Leftovers can be just as flavorful as a fresh meal!

So here are the two lessons I learned while making this dish: 1) Jamie Oliver is always there to save the day, 2) I must make popovers regularly from now on.

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