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Retro Cooking Revisited: 50’s Shrimp Salad

In 2017, I started a new blog series called Retro Cooking. I would look for recipes in vintage cookbooks (1970's and older) and give them a try. Some were definitely more successful than others. Almost two years and over 20 recipes later, I decided to revisit the recipes I tried and see if I could… Continue reading Retro Cooking Revisited: 50’s Shrimp Salad

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Retro Cooking: 1976 Seafood Quiche

Recently, I found a super cute cookbook completely dedicated to quiches. Quiche Cookbook was published in 1976 and written by Edie and Tom Hilton. I was particularly drawn to the illustrations by Shelley Adler throughout the book Since I love a good quiche but usually make the recipes up with whatever I find in the fridge,… Continue reading Retro Cooking: 1976 Seafood Quiche


Japanese-Inspired Healthy Meal Ideas

When you are like me, and need to count calories to make sure you don't over-indulge (or at least make sure you don't do it too often), it can be hard to find fun things to eat. I often fall in the trap of eating the same boring salad and same boring chicken. Lately, my… Continue reading Japanese-Inspired Healthy Meal Ideas

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Retro Cooking: 1950 Charleston Shrimp Pie

I was really happy when a good friend of mine lent me a few vintage Southern cookbooks. Moving to Atlanta, almost four years ago, I didn't realize how much of a change it would be. In my mind, Virginia was already the South, but Georgia is a whole new ball game. While we haven't had… Continue reading Retro Cooking: 1950 Charleston Shrimp Pie