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Retro Cooking: 1973 Autumn Black Beans

Is everyone as excited about fall as I am? To celebrate my favorite season officially starting this week, I picked the only recipe that made sense, based on its name only: Autumn Black Beans. Now don't ask me what makes these beans autumnal, I have absolutely no idea. Our good friend from Virginia sent me… Continue reading Retro Cooking: 1973 Autumn Black Beans

Food Education

TCP: Chicken and Vegetable Pasta Casserole

Whenever we cook in class, I try to follow our discussion theme. Last week, as we talked about our families, I decided to make a pasta casserole to step away from the many muffin recipes but also because it would be, potentially, a dish that a family could enjoy together. My other goal was to… Continue reading TCP: Chicken and Vegetable Pasta Casserole

Food Education

TCP: Sweet Potato Casserole

This TCP (Toddler Cooking Project) is actually what we made last week, for the school Thanksgiving feast. Each class was asked to bring a dish to share during the lunch feast. I figured we could make something fun, fairly easy, that our group might actually eat: sweet potato casserole! We used the recipe from the… Continue reading TCP: Sweet Potato Casserole