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A New Year Update

It's hard to believe January is almost over and it's been over two months since my last post. I can easily come up with some excuses: Work as been extra busy/demanding lately... I've been poorly juggling trying to eat better and wanting to enjoy life as the foodie  Hungry Québécoise that I am so there… Continue reading A New Year Update

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Mom’s Visit Through Meals

As the school year ended, I was able to celebrate with a very special visitor: my mom! A year after her last visit, she came back for more. This time, we didn't do as much tourist stuff, partly because we had already done a ton last year but also because it was ridiculously hot outside… Continue reading Mom’s Visit Through Meals

Foodie Adventures, Random Meals

The Most Foodie-Licious Day!

I had been talking about July 11, 2015 for months. Back in April, I told my husband, out of the blue, that if Anthony Bourdain was ever to come to Atlanta, I would simply have to go. Since he was aware of my obsession with Bourdain, he simply agreed. As luck would have it, a couple… Continue reading The Most Foodie-Licious Day!

Foodie Adventures, Random Meals

Mom’s Visit (And Consequent Foodiness)

After welcoming my best friend, back in April, it was now my mom's turn to come visit in June. Despite the heat, we made a point to walk as much as possible to balance the many meals we had planned. Here are some of the meals we shared... Eclipse Di Luna After a day of… Continue reading Mom’s Visit (And Consequent Foodiness)