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A Much Needed Update

I’ve definitely been on a long hiatus for the past few weeks. A mixture of too much to do and too much laziness. So although I don’t have a specific recipe to share, here are the highlights of the past couple of weeks.

I may not have been posting much but it doesn't mean we've been eating poorly! Colorful spring!
I may not have been posting much but it doesn’t mean we’ve been eating poorly! Colorful spring!

At the beginning of May, Jeff and I wanted to go camping. We usually go to Crabtree Falls but I convinced him to try out the Shenandoah National Park instead. Reservations weren’t accepted but we figured it wasn’t the regular camping season so we’d be fine. Unfortunately, we got there and the place was completely packed. We drove back home, very disappointed. A glass a wine later, camping inside our home seemed like a good enough idea. So we set up our tent on the guest room bed, opened all the windows to feel like we were outside and camped in! It was a silly little idea but I loved it. Since then, I have refused to take down the tent as the cats love sleeping in it and I love napping in it as well! I finally agreed to take it down today as our families will be visiting this upcoming weekend.

Where we expected to camp…
Where we ended up setting up our tent… 🙂
Kitties enjoyed indoor camping as well.
My version of s’mores as I don’t like Hershey’s chocolate. It was extremely sweet and the chocolate chip cookies were too much but I will ALWAYS use Milka from now on.

Did I say I wouldn’t be sharing any recipes? Nevermind. Here’s a delicious tilapia dinner I made last week. It was super simple and only involved a few ingredients. It even had my husband say “Wow, that was good!”. 🙂

Just a few simple ingredients...
Just a few simple ingredients…
...turned into this delicious dish!
…turned into this delicious dish!

Another event that wasn’t related to food but that made me very happy was my presentation at the Capstone Festival at Mary Baldwin College. I was nominated to present my undergraduate senior project to the community, which was both exciting and frightening. Despite the usual stage fright, I was extremely proud to present my project, a great representation of my Quebec culture. All in all, it ended up being a lot of fun and once I was done stressing about my speech, I was able to enjoy the other student’s presentations as well.

IMG_0639The upcoming week should be a lot more eventful. My parents are arriving from Quebec tomorrow, followed by Jeff’s parents on Saturday and my graduation will be on Sunday. After that, I’ll have a week to hang out with my parents and play tourists with them. I can’t wait!

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