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Hungry Quebbie Goes Home

Recently, my husband and I went back to Quebec to visit my family and friends. We spent two weeks there, and unlike other times I went, I made almost no plans. I just wanted to enjoy my time there, see my loved ones and take the trip day by day. As this is how I… Continue reading Hungry Quebbie Goes Home


Back to my Québécoise Roots!…Quebec City Edition

While the first half of our trip was all about seeing everyone and socializing, the second half ended up being our main tourist time. Here is a special post on the two days we spent in Quebec city. Just being in "La Belle Province" with my husband was pretty wonderful but visiting Québec City, one… Continue reading Back to my Québécoise Roots!…Quebec City Edition

Foodie Adventures

Poutine on Quebec Day

After work, I came home happy with the Quebec day I planned for my kiddos at school but bummed out that I didn't get to eat my usual Quebec dishes. Well, my husband came to the rescue by picking up cheese and French fries on his way home, giving me the great pleasure of making… Continue reading Poutine on Quebec Day


Poutine, Paleo-Style

As a proud Québécoise, I could never deny my love for poutine. Unless you lived in Quebec (or visited the province), you either don't know what poutine is or tasted a sad attempt to copy it. A real poutine is made with fresh squeaky cheese curds, perfectly thick French fries, and beef gravy. It's A-mazing… Continue reading Poutine, Paleo-Style