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Mom’s Visit Through Meals

As the school year ended, I was able to celebrate with a very special visitor: my mom! A year after her last visit, she came back for more. This time, we didn't do as much tourist stuff, partly because we had already done a ton last year but also because it was ridiculously hot outside… Continue reading Mom’s Visit Through Meals

Foodie Adventures, Travel

Mom’s Visit (And Consequent Foodiness)

After welcoming my best friend, back in April, it was now my mom's turn to come visit in June. Despite the heat, we made a point to walk as much as possible to balance the many meals we had planned. Here are some of the meals we shared... Eclipse Di Luna After a day of… Continue reading Mom’s Visit (And Consequent Foodiness)

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My First Renaissance Fair…And Consequent Turkey Leg

I had never been to a Renaissance Fair. When I saw the giant ad in the back of the Marta bus, I started pestering Jeff until he agreed to go. We somehow convinced three friends to join us and made a fun day out of it. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect from… Continue reading My First Renaissance Fair…And Consequent Turkey Leg

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Let the Countdown Begin…

Has it seriously been over a month since my last post? Geez Louise! So much catching up to do. I need to start by explaining our new life situation as it is the cause of my absence lately but also the inspiration for many posts to come. In February, I mentioned my husband's new job,… Continue reading Let the Countdown Begin…