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Mom’s Visit (And Consequent Foodiness)

After welcoming my best friend, back in April, it was now my mom’s turn to come visit in June. Despite the heat, we made a point to walk as much as possible to balance the many meals we had planned. Here are some of the meals we shared…

Eclipse Di Luna

Pictured: Apple and arugula salad, Spanish cheese plate, cured Spanish meat plate, fried calamari. Not pictured but highly enjoyed: seared scallops, tres leches cake

After a day of shopping, lunch at Mirko (not pictured) and lounging at the pool, we had a nice dinner at Eclipse Di Luna, one of our favorite restaurants. Tapas were enjoyed, as well as some tasty sangria and decadent desserts.

Porter Beer Bar 

After a morning walk through Piedmont Park and on the Beltline, we stopped by Porter Beer Bar for lunch. I devoured a duck confit Reuben while mom enjoyed their cheeseburger with house-made buns.

Empire State South

GA Peaches, honeycomb, brebis, licorice mint , fried sourdough
GA Shrimp, peach, poor man’s pepper, pickled chili, fried okra
Octopus, octopus fritter, fennel, corn, peach, olive, poppy seed, bacon
Poached Scallops, creme fraiche, dehydrated kimchi, english peas, cucumber, tobiko, dill
Beef Heart, artichoke, seaweed, grilled bamboo, tarragon, arugula
Mascarpone Torta, rhubarb sorbet, almond crumble, bruléed strawberries
ESS Housemade Candy Plate

On Friday night, we took my mom to ESS for a fancier night out. I am obsessed with ESS (although I have only been twice) but since it’s a pretty pricey restaurant, I wait for important occasions to go. We decided to share small plates to be able to taste more dishes. As she tried the beef heart dish, my mom told us it tasted like her childhood as this is something my grandpa used to make for the family. She also tasted octopus, unknowingly. My victory. She wasn’t a fan but at least I got her to try it.

Surf and Turf at home

Steak, lobster, popovers and stir fried vegetables. Asian dipping sauce.


Inspired by a trip to Buford Highway Farmers Market, my mom and I prepared a nice dinner on Saturday night. Steak, lobster, popovers and sautéed vegetables. Our only mistake was to pick an unknown cut of beef at the market and expect it to just be like a normal steak. Little did we know, it was a really tough meat that should have been marinated for a long while before cooking it. Oops!

Sweet Auburn Curb Market

 After exploring the Martin Luther King National Historic Site, we had lunch at the market. How I had never gone before is beyond me. What a cool place! As we couldn’t choose what to eat, we decided to get a Steak & Ale hand pie from Panbury’s and a BBQ sandwich from Sweet Auburn BBQ. We also bought local peaches as my mom wanted to taste the infamous Georgia peaches. She wasn’t disappointed.

The week went by in a flash and, as always, I wish we had more time to spend together. It’s always fun to explore with my mom, just like we did a few years ago in Charlottesville. Next time, I have a few more places up my sleeves, especially if my dad gets to join the fun. Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, World of Coca-Cola, Chinese hole-in-the-wall restaurants, etc. Oh, the places we’ll go! 🙂

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