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My First Renaissance Fair…And Consequent Turkey Leg

I had never been to a Renaissance Fair. When I saw the giant ad in the back of the Marta bus, I started pestering Jeff until he agreed to go. We somehow convinced three friends to join us and made a fun day out of it. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from the fair. My knowledge mostly came from movies and tv shows such as the Gilmore Girls. All I knew is that I wanted to eat a turkey leg.

Soon after our arrival, as everyone went to the drink booth, I headed to the turkey leg booth. For $4, I came back with a turkey leg the size of my head. The first few bites were fun and tasty. But I must admit that it was a lot of fried meat. I sadly didn’t manage to eat the whole leg but enjoyed it nonetheless.

How could one resist?
Should have put something for scale. That thing was huge!
So good! So classy…

Of course, a turkey leg wasn’t enough. After two hours or so of walking, I was ready for more. So many food on sticks, including mac’ and cheese on a stick! I finally chose the non-medieval funnel cake fries. I don’t think I had ever had a funnel cake before so this was great. It even had maple syrup drizzled on it. Yum!

Does anyone go to fairs for anything but the food? I sure don’t!
Funnel cake fries
Funnel cake fries

We did branch out from eating sporadically to watch a jousting match, check out the many shops and, of course, buy a flower crown. Because why not. All in all, it was a pretty nice day in the sun, in good company, with ridiculous amounts of food.

As if it wasn’t enough already, we ended the day by finding a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in downtown Fairburn: Clifton’s Sport Bar. We arrived with low expectations and left with happy bellies and big smiles. We enjoyed fantastic home-style Jamaican cooking. Due to my many indulgences at the fair, I sadly wasn’t able to finish my plate but it was so very good.

Dinner at Clifton’s Sport Bar

What are your to-go food at fairs and festivals? What have you been dying to try?

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