Summer Pasta

Yesterday, I had an amazing encounter with a neighbor I had never met before. As I was walking back home from the mailbox, I was greeted by a sweet elderly lady (I would say in her 80's). She was doing some yard work and we started chatting. After a long chat, she asked me to… Continue reading Summer Pasta


Garden Vegetable Galette

This week's recipe was inspired by the beautiful local eggplant I found at the market. I rarely cook with eggplant so I had to do a little research to figure out what to make. I didn't want to make anything too heavy since it's so hot outside. I finally settled on a galette, which is… Continue reading Garden Vegetable Galette


Lavender Orange Cake, or Memories of Provence

Last summer, I bought a small lavender plant and just hoped it would survive the winter. Not only did it survive but it also grew surprisingly big (that is, in comparison to most of my other plants and considering the little amount of sun it gets each day). Last year, only 4 little flowers grew… Continue reading Lavender Orange Cake, or Memories of Provence

Foodie Adventures

Bee Sting and (Unrelated) Nostalgia

For the past two days, as I am mostly done with school, I have been doing some much needed straightening and organizing around the house. Part of the organizing involved going through several boxes, bags and drawers full of stuff, accumulated souvenirs, mostly brought by my parents on their past trips. As I went through… Continue reading Bee Sting and (Unrelated) Nostalgia