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Retro Cooking: A Retro Dinner Party

A few weeks ago, I was inspired by my Retro Cooking series and the ridiculous amount of vintage cookbooks I have accumulated and decided to throw a Retro Dinner Party. The idea was a bit wacky, just how I like them: the food would be inspired by 1950's recipes and everyone was invited to dress… Continue reading Retro Cooking: A Retro Dinner Party


Lavender Orange Cake, or Memories of Provence

Last summer, I bought a small lavender plant and just hoped it would survive the winter. Not only did it survive but it also grew surprisingly big (that is, in comparison to most of my other plants and considering the little amount of sun it gets each day). Last year, only 4 little flowers grew… Continue reading Lavender Orange Cake, or Memories of Provence

Foodie Adventures

The Annual Vogel-Maple Holiday Party

Last Friday, my husband and I hosted our fifth annual holiday dinner party. To anyone wondering, the "Vogel-Maple" is a mixture of my husband's last name and my biggest Canadian obsession. We came up with it the first year and it became associated with the event ever since. In any case, with my studying and… Continue reading The Annual Vogel-Maple Holiday Party


My Chicken Pot Pie Addiction

Do you love chicken pot pie? I mean, do you LOVE it? Because I sure do! When I was growing up, my favorite dish was chicken vol-au-vent, which is basically the filling of a chicken pot pie in a puff pastry. Also, once a year, my mom and her best friend would make dozens of… Continue reading My Chicken Pot Pie Addiction