Lavender Orange Cake, or Memories of Provence

Last summer, I bought a small lavender plant and just hoped it would survive the winter. Not only did it survive but it also grew surprisingly big (that is, in comparison to most of my other plants and considering the little amount of sun it gets each day). Last year, only 4 little flowers grew but this year, I had a bunch!

IMG_0949Now my plant might not look like much to many of you but every time I go near it and take a big breath, I am immediately transported to my summer vacation in Provence, 6 years ago. Fields of lavender. Dreamy smells, breathtaking views. But for now, my little plant will have to do.

Field of lavender in Provence, summer of 2007
Field of lavender in Provence, summer of 2007

I was invited to a party last Friday night and was determined to make some dessert, if possible with what I had at home and definitely using my fresh lavender. I finally settled for an orange and lavender yogurt cake, based on this recipe. I also tried to make an orange buttercream frosting but sadly, it was very liquid. I tried using it but it got very messy and runny. I ended up scraping most of it off so it looked more like a glaze than frosting.

The cake batter: I loved the purple buds and orange zest. It was so fragrant too!
The final result wasn’t quite what I planned but it still got good reviews at the party!

I came back from the party with two slices of cake. I expected to eat one and to give the other one to my husband who missed the evening celebrations. I left on Saturday morning to go grocery shopping and came back to an empty plate. So much for sharing!

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