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Apple Picking Fun and Consequent Maple Apple Butter

Every fall, I look forward to visiting an apple orchard. Since we moved to Georgia, apple picking traditions have changed a bit. For example, wearing my favorite scarf isn't the best idea when the temperature gets up to the 90's during peak apple picking hours. Two years ago, a couple of friends and I visited… Continue reading Apple Picking Fun and Consequent Maple Apple Butter


Criss-Cross (Homemade) Applesauce

There is nothing criss-crossy about the applesauce I made. In fact, it's pretty straight forward. After searching for the perfect applesauce recipe, I realized how ridiculous I was. The best applesauce is the simplest one. As our first field trip, our toddler class went apple picking at the orchard. The toddlers had a blast, running… Continue reading Criss-Cross (Homemade) Applesauce


The Au Pair Reunion: A German-American Dinner

In July of 2006, I left my parents' cozy home, where I spent the first 20 years of my life, to become an Au Pair in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was a scary but mostly exciting adventure. I had to start living my life in English, live with a host family, and make new friends. The… Continue reading The Au Pair Reunion: A German-American Dinner


Bacon-Wrapped Fish

I think I am started to get the idea now: you can make any dish or meal tastier by wrapping it in bacon. In the past, I avoided bacon as much as possible, because of its fat content and based on the general idea that bacon is bad for you. After reading a lot about… Continue reading Bacon-Wrapped Fish