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Homemade Meals of the Week

I would like to make a weekly commitment to share the meals I make. Since my husband started traveling, it has been very tempting to eat out and to be lazy about cooking. I love cooking but after a long day at work, especially when Jeff isn’t in town, I just want to get cozy, eat a quick dinner and then watch TV or read until bedtime. So here’s a new post category to help motivate me: Homemade Meals of the Week (or HMMW). Here we go…

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Mac’s Pub Irish Stew & Mac’s Brown Irish Soda Bread

Both recipes were from The Irish Pub Cookbook. I picked the stew recipe because I had bought and frozen lamb a couple of weeks ago and also had been wanting to make a good Irish stew for a while. Right after making it, I honestly didn’t like how the stew looked. It was super liquid and I thought I would end up trying it once and throwing the rest away. But I was so wrong! The result was super tasty. I’m so glad I didn’t just chuck it out!! It turned out to be the perfect week for it too as it got mighty cold in Atlanta for the past few days. The Irish bread was suggested to go with the recipe. It was fairly different from the Julia Child recipe I usually make. Much denser bread and the use of whole wheat flour certainly changes the taste. I don’t know that I really liked it as much but it was nice to try something new.

Irish stew with lamb, potatoes, carrots, leek and celery
Caesar Salad

I understand that Caesar salad isn’t too impressive. My mom used to make Caesar salad regularly (she probably still does, I just live too far to confirm) but in the last decade, I somehow forgot how much I like it. After having some a couple of times at restaurants, I figured I should just start making it at home. So simple, yet so tasty. It often ends up being the perfect dinner when I’m tired and not too hungry. I can prepare it in a couple of minutes and it is so very satisfying.

Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, croutons, turkey bacon bits, shaved Parmesan and dressing

I already have a few things in mind for next week…we’ll see what I manage to pull off! 🙂

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