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Sick Days Are No Fun

Oh, the joys of being back on the preschool wagon. I love my kiddos and missed working with them when I went back to school. One thing I didn’t miss is the passing of sickness in the classroom. I’ve been fighting a nasty cold for almost three weeks now but today, I reached my worst point so far. I woke up barely able to talk and feeling completely out of it. After debating it, I decided to take a sick day for two reasons: 1) I didn’t want my voice to get worse, and 2) I didn’t want to give whatever I have to my sweet toddlers. I spent all day in bed, cuddling the kitties, drinking water, Emergen-C and tea (alternating throughout the day), and sleeping. This was a big old reminder of how bored I get when I’m sick. I really hate wasting a day like that!

At this point, I’d take any advice on what to try to feel better. I already wasted one day of toddler cuddles and I cannot wait to see their little faces again. Fingers crossed, hoping I’ll feel better by morning!

So here’s a look at my day…

As soon as I woke up this morning, these two furballs jumped into bed, ready to rest with me.
Woke up to this happy napper after my 3-hour nap.
My sweet hubby made sure I had enough honey-lemon tea and medicine to feel better.

Ending this delightfully whinny post by letting you know that I cannot wait to feel better to write about my latest accomplishment…my first attempt at Yorkshire pudding!

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