Foodie Adventures

Evening Treat: Chocolate MugCake

A few months ago, I discovered the magical concept of mug cakes. Yes, it is a tiny cake, cooked in a mug. And it is delicious. Beth at Budget Bytes posted a really easy recipe that I encourage you to go check out here. It is super easy to make and it's the best way… Continue reading Evening Treat: Chocolate MugCake


Quick and Fresh Meals on the Go

With the temperatures drastically coming down this week, one would think that I would have started making chilis, roasts, soups, and everything in between. But somehow, even though I have really enjoyed warm sweaters, cozy blankets and autumn-scented candles, I have been eating the freshest lunches I've had in the longest while. There's not a… Continue reading Quick and Fresh Meals on the Go


Easy Meals for the Lazy Study Lady

School started last week. I really wish this meant I was getting back to my classroom of little munchkins, meeting new faces and talking about how fun school is. Unfortunately, back-to-school meant back to online/independent classes for college. When I get in the right tempo, schoolwork actually isn't that bad. A lot of reading and… Continue reading Easy Meals for the Lazy Study Lady