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Retro Cooking: 1930’s Inspired Stuffed Choux

I love a good chou. It is such a satisfying thing to make. As you mix it, it feels like it's going wrong, won't work (or at least that's my personal experience every single time), then all of a sudden, you get the right consistency and your faith in the culinary world returns. I love… Continue reading Retro Cooking: 1930’s Inspired Stuffed Choux

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Retro Cooking: A Retro Dinner Party

A few weeks ago, I was inspired by my Retro Cooking series and the ridiculous amount of vintage cookbooks I have accumulated and decided to throw a Retro Dinner Party. The idea was a bit wacky, just how I like them: the food would be inspired by 1950's recipes and everyone was invited to dress… Continue reading Retro Cooking: A Retro Dinner Party


Book Club: Julia Child Edition

Last fall, a few friends of mine started a book club. It's been great to discover a new book each month, as well as hanging out and discussing various subjects (usually related to the book...sometimes not...) with a wonderful group of ladies. But let's be honest, reading is fun but I'm in it for the… Continue reading Book Club: Julia Child Edition