Meal Prep

HMMW: Tortellini and Kale Soup

I'm quickly reaching the point where our freezer is full of all the extra soups I have made in the past few months. Seriously. Our freezer is filled with chicken noodle soup, Quebec dumpling soup, split-pea soup, winter greens soup and now, I just added a container of tortellini soup. It's getting out of hand. The… Continue reading HMMW: Tortellini and Kale Soup

Challenges, Recipes

SNAP Challenge Day 3: That’s a Lot of Macaroni

I feel soiled. After my migraine and headache issues, I decided to buy coffee at the Dollar Store last night. Yes, the Dollar Store. I knew it wouldn't be great but I figured it would be worth it. Well, I didn't think coffee could taste that bad. Really. Poop flavored coffee. Yuck. But worst of… Continue reading SNAP Challenge Day 3: That’s a Lot of Macaroni


My Chicken Pot Pie Addiction

Do you love chicken pot pie? I mean, do you LOVE it? Because I sure do! When I was growing up, my favorite dish was chicken vol-au-vent, which is basically the filling of a chicken pot pie in a puff pastry. Also, once a year, my mom and her best friend would make dozens of… Continue reading My Chicken Pot Pie Addiction


Pesto Galore!

I've been surprisingly productive in the kitchen lately. It could be because the weather is getting better (in my standards), or that cooking is more fun than schoolwork. Whatever the reason is, I am very happy with the results! I spent all of last week reminding myself that if I finished my school assignments early… Continue reading Pesto Galore!