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HMMW: Tortellini and Kale Soup

Processed with RookieI’m quickly reaching the point where our freezer is full of all the extra soups I have made in the past few months. Seriously. Our freezer is filled with chicken noodle soup, Quebec dumpling soup, split-pea soup, winter greens soup and now, I just added a container of tortellini soup. It’s getting out of hand. The problem is that each week, I think I will just eat the soup we have in the freezer. Then I find a new recipe and change my mind. I appear to have a soup addiction now.

Tortellini and Kale Soup

This week, I found a recipe for tortellini and kale soup. It had been buried in my Pinterest board for a long while and I thought it was a good time to finally try it. For some reason, although I wanted to make it, I expected it to be bland. Not sure why. Well, it certainly wasn’t! This was one of the tastiest soups I have made in a long while! I used this recipe from MyFitnessPal.


Now, Jeff has been home unexpectedly this week (long story but all positive) so I didn’t have my usual evening meals prepared in advance.

Jeff made his famous curry (a recipe I should certainly share soon!) with a few tweaks: chicken, broccoli and spinach curry with a blend of brown and wild rice. It looked pretty different because he used green curry paste and the different rice but the taste was just as wonderful as I remembered it.


On Wednesday, I went to Buford Highway Farmer’s Market with a colleague and, of course, I suggested having dinner there. I highly enjoyed my beef empanada and kimchi dumplings…Although the dumplings were spicier than I remembered!IMG_6617

Next week should be interesting since it will be both our wedding anniversary and my birthday! I already have a few baking and cooking projects in mind and I look forward to share the results!

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