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Foodie PenPal Reveal: September Edition!

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I received my foodie package almost two weeks ago. It took all the self control I had not to tell anyone about it until reveal day! My package came from Erin from Erin Berries. She lives in Texas and the goodies she sent really showed me a side of the state that I didn’t know about…the sweet side! 🙂

I haven’t tried all the food yet but what I’ve had so far has been pretty ridiculously tasty. I’m not gonna lie, the pecan praline disappeared pretty much as soon as the box was opened. As you can tell from the picture, I wasn’t willing to share it with anyone either! I need to figure out how to make that stuff.

Erin also sent some strawberry Texas tea (I haven’t tried it yet as I like to savor some elements of the package for a while, but I did just put it in the fridge to have it this week), gingerbread pancake mix (I want to keep it for one of our brunch with friends as I am convinced it will be a big hit!), natural energy bars, and chocolate covered pecans and caramel that disappeared last week (they were fab!). Erin’s package really hit the spot this month and I couldn’t thank her enough for all the goodies!

I sent my September package to Meredith from What’s Cooking? who lives in Iowa. I did my best to send her a mixture of local foods and some personal favorites (although not necessarily local). Of course, I am already signed up for October and I cannot wait to keep going every month. This is just so much fun! Even my husband was surprised by all great food I received so far and suggested I keep a personal record of all the places, across the United States, that I’ve received food from.

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