For the Love of Cheesecakes

Although for many people, Valentine's Day is just another commercial holiday, I see it as a fun opportunity to remind people we love them...and a great excuse to prepare a nice meal! This year, there was an unexpected cheese theme. It all started with my sudden urge to try making a cheesecake and was followed by… Continue reading For the Love of Cheesecakes

Foodie Adventures

Paleo Valentine Treat: Individual Chocolate Cakes

See, I had this big dinner plan for Valentine's day. Filet mignon with asparagus and a chocolate treat for dessert. As my husband wasn't at work on Thursday, we caved in and ordered food for lunch. We made a moderately good food decision considering the delivery options we had, but it was still more than… Continue reading Paleo Valentine Treat: Individual Chocolate Cakes

Foodie Adventures

Happy Heart Day!

As far as I can remember, Valentine's day, with my family, was never about big gifts and expensive dinners at the restaurant. My best Valentine memories involve a home-cooked dinner, candles and cards...often homemade. It's about spending quality time together, enjoying a good meal, and reminding everyone how much we love them. I try to… Continue reading Happy Heart Day!