A Hot-Dog’s Odd Cousin

What happens when you’re craving a hot-dog but are really trying to eat healthy? That’s when one comes up with the hot-dog’s odd cousin’s idea. Awww yeah.

Regular hot-dog meat is bad (well, I think it’s delicious but it certainly isn’t good for you), I know. Well, luck me, we had some fresh mild Italian sausage from The Fresh Market (my new favorite grocery store, by the way…especially for fresh meat and seafood!) so that took care of the meat. White bread buns are also a big no-no…but I had lettuce leafs! Instead of the regular condiments, I cooked some bell peppers and onions. I also added some wild rice. For no reason other than my husband made rice and it looked delicious. The rice wasn’t Paleo friendly but my odd hot-dog would have probably been just as good, and definitely less messy.


Alright, it wasn’t really a hot-dog. But it really was delicious and I plan to make this quick and satisfying dinner many more times! 🙂


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