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Farewell Atlanta!

A couple of months ago, my husband got a job offer that would involve moving from Atlanta to New York. While moving to the big city was a bit terrifying to me and the thought of leaving my dear friends quite upsetting, we talked it over and agreed this was a great move for us, as we always wished to live in the northeast.

As I write this, I realize the timeframe between the moment my husband accepted the job offer and the day we left still seems a bit blurry. Everything went so fast, from having to announce it to my preschool team, selling a lot of our stuff, packing, and trying to say goodbye to as many of our friends as possible.

Once everything was official, I made two lists: people I was hoping to see before the move, and places where I wanted to eat one more time. I tried to join both lists as often as possible.

I particularly enjoyed going back to Empire State South, Mirko Pasta, Ponce City Market (biltong, croquetas de jamon, cookie dough, cronuts…), 26 Thai Kitchen and Taco Mac, each place in great company.

I was also surprised at work, by a special catered lunch (by Thao), to mark the occasion. Of course, my team knew me well enough to know there was nothing better than food to make me happy.

As I now sit in our temporary corporate housing (more on that in an upcoming post!), I reminisce about some of my best memories in Georgia. From the many food events I forced my closed ones to come to with me, meeting Chef Hugh Acheson, going to see Anthony Bourdain on his last tour, having several friends and family members visit us from all over the world, going to my first Renaissance Fair, going apple picking with some dear friends every fall, and forcing my Cuban buddy to try so much new food she wasn’t familiar or comfortable with. 🙂 I met some amazing people in Atlanta and will keep fond memories of my 4 years in their company. Atlanta might not have been our forever home, but it was a darn good one for a while.

Moving was quite the adventure, from trying to fit all our stuff in two small storage pods (thanks to a few friends who helped on this stressful day), to taking our cats on their first plane ride (and hopefully last one too!). The last few days we spent in Atlanta went by so fast!

We have now been in New York for 3 weeks and I still forget, once in a while, that this isn’t a vacation and that we are now living here. I look forward to creating new memories here…and to taste all the food, of course! 🙂


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