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HMMW: Cooking While “Surviving” Atlanta’s Version of a Winter Storm

This week has been a tad crazy. Our school has had 3 snow days this week. How much snow did we experience, you might ask. Well, outside my apartment, the answer is none. I understand why we had to close, like many other businesses in town. Last year, no one closed and that’s what caused the chaos that was “Atlanta’s Snowpocalypse”. There was also a faire amount of ice rain and sleet.

Processed with Rookie

So back to the food. Before I even realized all the upcoming weather madness, I made myself two meals for the week: Beef and vegetables lo mein and winter greens soup.

Beef and vegetables lo mein


I found this simple recipe for lo mein and made a few modifications. Last time I went to the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market, I bought a pack of homemade-style Chinese noodles. I used them to make the lo mein. I also added beef strips and broccoli. I doubled the sauce quantity…because I like having a lot of sauce but I think the recipe would have been just as good with a regular sauce quantity.

Winter Greens Soup

I had a leek left from the Irish stew I made last week. And what could be better than soup on a cold winter’s day? So I found this great Vitamix recipe. Although the recipe was from the Vitamix website, it could certainly be made with any blender or immersion blender, in my opinion. The only thing I changed (because I forgot and then was too lazy to fix it) was the basil and red wine vinegar. The soup was still really good without it although, next time, I’ll try to follow the recipe better. 🙂

The soup and lo mein...plenty for lunches, dinners and some extra to freeze!
The soup and lo mein…plenty for lunches, dinners and some extra to freeze!

Now, here’s a list of random things I did while going stir-crazy in our apartment for 3 days:

  • Cleaned the apartment
  • Sewed new beddings for the cats’ bunk bed
  • Bought a new couch and kitchen table for ridiculously cheap (our apartment building management was selling everything from their model apartment)
  • Watched too many episodes of The Office (yes, I’m many years behind but I just started watching it a few weeks ago on Netflix)
  • Worked out for the first time since December
  • Created a potential website for my preschool

I will leave you with a picture of our cat, Fattie, enjoying her new bed set. 🙂


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