Saturday Upsides: Weekend Errands

Bonnie at Recipes Happen came up with the brilliant idea of Saturday Upsides blog posts. Because every situation should have an upside, otherwise, just keep looking for one! :)

Wanna share your Saturday upsides or read more about everyone else’s? Just click on the image below!

Every Saturday morning, I wake up thinking of all the errands I need to take care of. Most of them could be spread throughout the weekend but there is one major influence to it all: the local produce market is closed on Sundays. It’s quite a bummer as I would often rather sit on the couch with a cup of coffee on Saturday mornings but I know I need to go to the market. Since I started buying my produce (often local) there, I cannot stand the vegetables in big chain supermarket. They don’t last as long, they don’t taste the same and, quite frankly, the local vegetables are often cheaper. So whether or not I feel like it, after a first cup of coffee, I shower, get dressed, and off I go.

The best thing about early morning shopping is that it often feels like you have the store to yourself. I can take my sweet time, without getting in anyone’s way. I can slowly browse the produce section and just wait to be inspired for the upcoming week’s meals. This week for example, there were great finds in the discounted carts. I bought 2lbs of local apples for $0.60 and 3lbs of huge carrots for $0.90! You definitely have to look and pay attention but the discounted items are usually just old enough that they aren’t super fresh but still perfect in cooked meals! After snatching these two items, I knew that this week, we’ll be eating a roast, some sort of soup, and, best of all, our first apple pie of the season! I also found a few extra items to add to my October foodie penpal match…I just can’t tell you about it yet! 😉 The store also happened to be fully stocked on my favorite pasta brand: Pasta Valente. I love that these pasta are not only made locally but they only have 3 or 4 ingredients, which is awesome! So I couldn’t help but snatch a pack of those as well.

Here are a few of my purchases from the local market!

And last but not least, this market trip involved the purchase of not one, but TWO gorgeous pumpkins! Now to play the waiting game until I can carve them… 🙂

So all in all, as much as running errands seems like a bummer when I wake up on Saturday, it definitely has its advantages. I get to take my time, I get inspired for the meals to come, and it wakes me up enough to be productive for the rest of the day!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and remember to stay positive! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Saturday Upsides: Weekend Errands”

  1. Ooo… those fruits and veggies look sooo good! I enjoy going to farmers’ markets as well. Maybe I’ll try to do an ‘Upside’ post next Saturday!! Such a great idea from Bonnie.

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