Doing the best I can in-between school work

The past week has been completely exhausting. Part of it was fun but most of it was just draining. Not only did I have a lot more schoolwork to do than I ever thought would be possible in one week, I also had a few social events that I planned before getting my study schedule and didn’t want to miss. Not only did I join my first book club (yay!) but there’s also this great event every Thursday night in our town where you can go up to the apple orchard (on top of a mountain), watch the sunset and enjoy a picnic with your friends. For the last two weeks, some friends and I have been doing a potluck-type thing where we all bring something to the picnic and share it all. And both times, I’ve eaten WAY too much. Where’s my self-control when I need it??…oh right, I don’t really have any…oops! Despite the craziness, I still managed to cook a couple homemade meals that I really enjoyed: beef curry with naan bread and buckwheat pasta with vegetables.
The beef curry was really simple: a can of coconut milk, a few teaspoons of red curry paste, beef slices and every vegetable I found in the fridge. In this case, it ended up being onions, bean sprouts and Chinese broccoli. I just let it all cook and then simmer on the stove top until it felt ready. As for the naan bread, I’ve been following this amazing recipe from Budget Bytes since I started making it. It’s so simple and the results are apparently fool-proof (I’ve never messed them up so that should tell you!)


Buckwheat noodles are one of my latest discoveries. They are so tasty and much healthier (unless I was misinformed) than regular pasta. I made the pasta and vegetable, in a rush, right before my book club night. My husband wasn’t home so I got to used all the vegetables he doesn’t like, and more! So I chopped some onion, red bell peppers, portobello mushroom, Chinese broccoli, and eggplant. While I started cooking the vegetables in a pan, I had the pasta boiling. As soon as the pasta was ready, I threw it in the vegetable stir-fry and added some soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sea salt, and pepper. It was such a simple dinner but it was full of flavors.

In other news, over the weekend, I sent off my foodie package for Meredith who lives in Iowa. She’s been an awesome foodie pen pal and fun to write to regularly since I was matched with her. And of course, I am so so excited to receive a package from Texas!

Now off I go, time to watch The Voice and cuddle the kitties…talking about kitties, here’s a photo of our friendly large cat, affectionately nicknamed Fattie. 😉Image

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