My Kind of Happiness

Today was the best day ever. Shouldn’t my wedding day or the day we adopted our kitties be the best days of my life? Well, that’s a given. But when I look at all my regular (may I say boring?) days, today just reached perfection. Let me explain myself… After a long day of medieval French research for class, I decided to run to the market to grab a few things for tonight’s dinner. As I entered the store, I saw the row of mini-pumpkins and couldn’t help but buy my first one of the year. The tiny ones are just so cute! And you simply have no idea how excited I get about fall, my favorite season of the year. This first little pumpkin is just the confirmation that I’ll be in my happy place for the next few months.

When I got back home, I stopped by the mailbox and you can’t imagine my surprise when I saw my September foodie package in there! I had received an email for Erin (my foodie match) at the beginning of the week saying she just mailed it so I really didn’t expect to receive it until next week. I couldn’t enter the door fast enough to tear it open! Of course, I have to follow the rules and I can’t mention what is in the package until October 1st. But let me just say it now, it rocks! So here’s a little picture of the two things that made my day today:

Now the day should keep its positive vibe as I have a fabulous (yet so very simple) dinner planned for my husband and I. Baguette, prosciutto, different cheeses and fresh fruits. I love that kind of meal as I rarely eat too much but still end up completely satisfied. And the fact that it takes no time to prepare doesn’t hurt either!

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