Foodie Adventures

Lunch at Cafe 88

Although I had plan to eat some homemade butternut squash soup for lunch, Jeff suggested to have lunch out together. I just couldn’t resist. We quickly picked Cafe 88, a small chinese restaurant, off Preston Ave. We had been there about a year ago and although we enjoyed our meal, we never went back. This was a reminder why we just drive to Preston Ave more often. I ordered a Wonton soup with the Amazing Chicken (the actual name, also very true) bento box special. This is far from anything we’ve ever ordered at any chinese restaurant before. The chicken (one big piece of chicken breast) was served with sticky white rice, a side of sautéed veggies and fried (it was our best guess) eggplant in a delicious sweet sauce. Although a few elements of the meal were fried, it was nothing like the usual deep-fried food we usually get. It felt healthy enough and pretty filling. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to eat all the rice and veggies.

Verdict: As long as we don’t mind driving (Chinese food is often delivered to our place), Cafe 88 is a great, healthier alternative to everything else around.

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