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Day of Homemade Food

After days of craving anything that is already made (fast food, local restaurant, deli market…really anything!), I finally got myself back together and can proudly say that all my meals were at home today! And everything was made by…moi!

For lunch, I finally tried the butternut squash soup I made this weekend. The slow-cooker recipe was easy and made enough servings to freeze some.  As a side, I had a slice of toasted bread from H&B. Although the soup didn’t taste amazing, it was good enough and with a few tweaks, it could become an autumn must. I found the recipe in the book “Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker”. This book is great for smaller recipes (most recipe books plan for 6-8 servings but this one aims for 2-3….perfect for the two of us).

For dinner, we had a modified version of the boeuf bourguignon recipe I had found on Recettes du Québec ( The original recipe, that I have tried and enjoyed many times, was meant to be cooked in the oven for two hours. As I had to leave for work at noon and didn’t want to have dinner after 8pm, I made the same recipe in the slow cooker. I had to double the quantity of liquid. I also added potatoes as I knew Jeff would appreciate the thought. The result was pretty good. Once again, I had a slice of toasted bread to accompany the dish…I just love the homemade bread!

Now, I have a confession to make. Although both meals were made from scratch and/or bought in an effort to eat local and somewhat healthy food, I did cheat several times during the day. Here’s my problem: Halloween is coming. Although I know that there’s never been a trick-or-treater knocking at our door, my instinct is still to buy tons of candy, just in case. Unfortunately (or fortunately, it really depends on the point of view), Jeff and I opened the bags on Sunday and haven’t stop eating candy since them. With a nice mixture of Tootsie Rolls, Kit Kat and Almond Joy, I am in heaven. I often consider talking to Dr Drew about my candy addiction (which I am writing, while chewing on yet another Tootsie Roll bar). As my husband loves to say, all the candy and chocolate I eat explains I am so sweet! 🙂

Butternut Squash Soup
Boeuf Bourguignon

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