Foodie Adventures

The start of a new experiment…

This is my new attempt at blogging. I figured the best way to keep me interested was to write about my favorite subject: food.

In the past few years, I’ve grown interested in learning more about the quality of the food I consume (although I still occasionally crave for Kraft Dinner). The middle ground between healthy local produce and dealing with a budget isn’t always easy but we’re learning. I also started cooking and creating meals. Sometimes my ideas come from recipe books and websites, and other times, I just improvised with what I have available. The results are not always amazing but I am loving my time in the kitchen. Living in Charlottesville, it would be difficult to ignore the various restaurants surrounding us. Amazing dining experiences are only a few minutes away from home!

This blog will be an amalgam of everything food related; my latest lunch, a new recipe I tried, a new produce I found, a delicious dish tried at a restaurant…there’s just no limit.

I obviously welcome your comments, suggestions and questions.

Sur ce, bon appétit! 🙂

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