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Retro Cooking: 1980’s Halloween Jell-O Salad

Halloween seemed like the perfect occasion to try my grossest vintage recipe to date. While none of the cookbooks I owned had any Halloween recipes, I did a little Googling and found a few. Most of them were pretty tame, mostly a lot of cakes decorated like a pumpkin. Nothing too crazy, especially since I made a pumpkin-decorated cake on my last Retro Cooking post.

But not to worry, after enough searching, I found the perfect recipe for my Retro Cooking series. An orange-flavored Jell-O dish…with carrots. *shivers*

The recipe I used came from the cookbook Microwave Cooking From Litton, published in 1981. I’ve never made Jell-O in a salad form so I was both curious and nervous about the possible result. I also found a very similar recipe dating from the 1940’s so I knew it would be a fun one to try.

The result was revolting. I asked my husband to taste it as I simply wasn’t sure how to describe it. He told me : “Well, it tastes like orange Jell-O and carrots.” That really was the only way to explain it. Two flavors that should never be together, and absolutely no extra flavors to help the combination. The texture was also very odd with the gooey squeaky gelatin and the crunchy carrot shreds.


Never make this. I beg you. To be fair, I’m not sure anyone in their right mind ever would. It definitely made for a terrifying Halloween treat, but not necessarily in the best way. 😉

Happy Halloween everyone!!


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