Trying New Food

My September #MunchPak Reveal!

(This post is not sponsored by MunchPak.)

It’s that time of the month, folks! (with a bit of a delay this time…busy times!) I am excited to show you all the goodies I received in my #MunchPak snack subscription in September. To be perfectly honest, this box was as exciting as the other ones when I first opened it. It took me a while to try any of the items out. But thankfully, when I finally tried them, I was pretty happy.

MunchPak  is a monthly international snack subscription. I pay $9.95/month for the mini subscription. It usually includes five to six snacks, which I find to be a reasonable price if I compare to the price of an individual snack at the international market.

In September, I received five snacks from the United States, Indonesia and Japan.


Santé Cardamom Cashews, from the United States

I waited a while to try these. I’m not sure what I expected them to be like. I’m familiar with regular cashews and I didn’t know if I should expect these to be sweet or salty. They ended up being slightly sweet, with a hint of cardamom. Very delicious! I had never heard o
f that brand but I’d definitely be keen on buying some more if I ever come across them at the store.


Chiki Cheese Balls, from Indonesia

As the name suggests, these were pretty much like American cheese balls, although smaller. They also didn’t feel quite as greasy as the US version. I enjoyed them although it didn’t feel like anything too special.


Lotte Thomas the Train Chewing Candy Grape Flavor, from Japan

This item was slightly confusing. It looked and felt like gum but was meant to be eaten like candy. Since it was in the box, I tried it but, I am not a fan of anything grape flavored so I got rid of most of it. I must admit that the Thomas the Train packaging was pretty adorable though!


Jagung Baker Cheetos, from Indonesia

Roasted corn flavor isn’t something I was familiar with until I started my MunchPak journey. I must say, I’m growing quite fond of it. It’s just the slightest sweetness while remaining a savory snack. These had the same texture as regular Cheetos but with a very different flavor. While I looked uncertain after the first bite, I was very sad when I reach the end of the bag.


Kabaya Jyu-C Cider Candy, from Japan

Here comes my interesting adventure this month…The packaging for this candy was completely written in Japanese. No English instructions sticker on top. For some reason, I had in mind that this was something you were suppose to dissolve in water to make a fun drink flavor. So I grabbed a glass of water, dropped one in and….nothing happened. I tried mixing it (fruitless attempt), tasted the flavorless water and stared at my husband with a confused look on my face. He quickly suggested looking it up on the MunchPak website to see if I missed a step. Well, I sure did because this was a regular hard candy, not something to dissolve in water! Oops! Unfortunately, even as regular candy, it wasn’t great. I ended up getting rid of most of it. But it sure was worth the laughter when Jeff and I realized my mistake! 🙂

I type this just after opening my October MunchPak. I haven’t tasted anything in it yet but, based on looks alone, it looks like a very promising box. Stay tuned for all the details! 🙂

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