Trying New Food

My July #MunchPak

(This post is not sponsored by MunchPak.)

I love getting a box of treats every month! Three months in and it’s still a lot of fun.

For the month of July, my box included six goodies:


Lobster Potato Chips, from Canada

Chips from my homeland! I was so excited to try these! I love lobster and was curious to see what the chip flavor would be like. To me, it tasted sort of like Old Bay seasoning, it was really good! I had never seen this brand before but I will definitely be on the lookout on my next trip to Canada! And as a bonus, I got to eat them on July 1st, which is Canada Day!


Tinajita Finger Lollipops, from China

These tasted like regular lollipops, or more like ring pops. While it first seemed fun to hold it on my finger, it quickly became messy and sticky. Fun to try, though!

Signature Mini Snaps, from United Arab Emirates

Unfortunately, I don’t enjoy spicy food. I really wanted to try these anyway but, as expected, they were too spicy for me. 😦 Jeff and I left on a short trip and I forgot to put away a small bowl of snaps …well, it looks like to kitties must have liked them as we came home to crumbs and leftover cracker pieces all over the counter and floor. At least someone got to enjoy them! 😉


Ferrero Kinder Happy Hippo Cacao, from Italy

Can I just order these in bulk? The outside of the hippo was a crunchy wafer with pieces of hazelnut all around the edge. The inside is half chocolate-hazelnut filling and half milky creamy filling. Sooooooooooo good!


Guandy Culebritas Sour Snakes, from Guatemala

These gummies were a fun treat. Sweet, sour and tiny! While they are called snakes, they are actually much shorter than sour worms but basically the same taste. The bag was very small but that’s probably a good thing for a girl who can’t control herself! 🙂


Amki Sesame Snaps, from Poland

I had tried these before. In fact, it was one of the first “international” snack I tried when we lived in Charlottesville and I went to the Asian grocery store. I really love the taste of these but I just hate how it sticks in the teeth (Yes, I am a boring adult now, worried about my teeth).

Since I am a bit behind in writing this, I already received my August MunchPak and I cannot wait to try every thing and share my feedback!


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