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My Yummy Nummies Experiment

I must start this post by admitting something. I spend a lot of time watching YouTubers that are most likely targeting a teenager audience. I’m 30 and I don’t care, their videos are fun. One thing that I’ve seen many YouTubers try are Popin’Cookin’ and Yummy Nummies. Both are basically cooking kits for kids, where you mix powder with water, microwave it to make mini food items. While I found the videos entertaining, I never considered buying it until I saw one on clearance at Target. It seemed worth $3 to give it a shot. I bought the “Terrific Tacos” kit, without any idea what it would turn into or what it would taste like.


The box has been sitting on our kitchen counter for over a month. I was terrified to try it. On one of my last lazy summer days, I figured it was time. I opened the box and got to work…well, very simple work, I must say.


Five minutes of “cooking” later, I had two miniature tacos and a tiny glass of limeade. It shockingly smelled a lot like real tacos. The cats even came running after I cooked the “meat”. Each element (tortilla, meat, cheese & sauce) each tasted close enough to the real deal, considering it was just powder and water. While I enjoyed the experiment, I admit that I didn’t make the extra servings and just threw the leftover powder packs away.


This kind of product is very confusing to me, since it is kid-oriented. On the one hand, I bet I would have loved this when I was a child. It’s simple, fun and you get something to eat in the end! You can do it independently, without any (or with very little) adult help/supervision. On the other hand, child nutrition is something I am extremely passionate about and I would much prefer finding ways to let children explore real ingredients.

I am not the entrepreneur type but wouldn’t it be neat if there was a product you could buy, a cross between Yummy Nummies and Blue Apron? A meal preparation box with fresh ingredients where all the steps would be kid-friendly? I’d love that! What do you think?

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