The Spring Break Cookbook Challenge!

This week is my spring break at the preschool. Originally, I was supposed to meet my husband in Florida for a week of rest, sun and pretty views. When that was canceled due to my husband’s health issues (nothing to worry about now), I had to revise my spring break plans at the very last minute.

That’s when it dawned on me. I love cookbooks. I received them as gifts. I am obsessed with them. But I am notorious for finding them pretty and collecting them without actually using them.

That’s how I came up with the Spring Break Cookbook Challenge (SBCC)!

So I grabbed five cookbooks with a common theme: each represents a different culture and was offered to me as a gift. I looked through each of them and found a few recipes that looked original and/or that my picky hubby was likely to enjoy. Then, I went through all the recipes to make sure we wouldn’t be eating soup or stew all week. 🙂

Right after choosing the ingredients, I went over to Buford Highway Farmer’s Market to purchase all the ingredients. The goal: making sure I know I can’t back out. The ingredients are purchased and I don’t want to waste them.


Here is the final plan:


Stay tuned to see how each recipe turns out!

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