Trying New Food

It Gets Better…with Rainbow Doritos

I can admit that I’ve had a pretty easy life so far. I’ve been lucky. In high school, I had an amazing group of friends, and thanks to them, I was never one who couldn’t wait to get out of high school.

I am very well aware that many others live a very different life. It is very important for me to do what I can to help those who need it. Sometimes it means listening to someone, other times it means believing and donating to an organization that have better means to help than I do. I am a proud LGBT ally. People shouldn’t be judged, bullied, mocked or beaten based on who they love.

I’ve been a fan of the It Gets Better campaign for years. I donate to them, spread their message and, recently, bought their Rainbow Doritos. I would donate to them anyway but getting rainbow-colored Doritos is a fun bonus.



This is a small post, fairly different from what I usually post but I thought it was worth talking about. Love is love. Can we just all be friends? Or at least respect each other?

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